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Provision and Installation

Provide and install cover (Green-Roof) in new and existing buildings of all types and size. Our products suit virtually any roof type, size, structure, waterproofing and climate, with flat or steep slopes up to 45 degrees, with limited overhead or vehicle loads up with low vegetation maintenance, traditional, including shrubs and trees, and extensive use, semi-intensive or intensive.
We advise our customers throughout the planning process and implementation of land cover, from the preliminary stage of the building which was installed in Plant Cover, project, waterproofing membranes, growth substrate, vegetation, irrigation accessories, to the subsequent maintenance thereof.
We are authorized agents of the oldest German company and world leader of cover crops: Zinc GMBH, to install, represent, and disseminate their systems throughout Chile.
Sustainable Habitat
He is a member of IGRA (International Green Roof Association)
  • Provision and installation of membrane zinc in any of its 16 systems of the types or combinations adapted to the peculiarities of each work.
  • Provision and installation of plants and substrates, bred and mixed specifically for each project, according to German standards internationally recognized quality standard.
  • Provision and installation of irrigation according to water requirements and maintenance.
  • Provision and installation of waterproofing as vegetation characteristics and roof structure.
  • Provision and installation of accessories such as stainless steel retainers profiles and registration boxes sweet iron or stainless steel, among others.
  • Provision and installation of gravel and paved paths for buffer strips, pedestrian-vehicular traffic, and landscape design.
  • Coordination and integration of the proposal with other specialties related projects (landscaping, drainage, electricity, water, structural design, architectural design, waterproofing, coatings, and / or pavement among others).
  • Planimetric development: Plants, cuttings, and details in Autocad scales and quantities required for the correct interpretation and implementation of all items.
  • Development of Technical Specifications: Written documents complementary to the plans, which will indicate the manner of implementation, quality and location of various materials, components and facilities.
  • Preliminary design advice and the draft design stage and construction project.
  • Evaluation and feasibility of installation in old or existing buildings.
  • Dissemination of environmental and economic benefits of the plant cover at the urban and the building.
Provision and Installation
Provision and Installation
Provision and Installation
Provision and Installation /
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